Estes-Simmons maintains the old-world tradition of craftmanship.

“What is more elegant than a table set with beautiful sterling silver? The flickering light from the candles seems to dance off the gleaming place settings, sugar and creamer, water pitcher and coffee server. Even the chandelier is in the act.”

Your family treasures can never be replaced with modern reproductions. The fine detail, intricate design and high quality of older pieces is not found in today’s silver. Investing in the repair of antiques and old silver not only restores, but also extends the functionality of the piece far beyond that of contemporary products. Most importantly, the original beauty is regained, enhancing the sentimental value of the heirloom, which is priceless.

Whether it is dazzling your guests with the beauty of your sterling silver flatware, or handing down Grandma’s prized antiques, make sure you that you are ready for the every occasion.


Since 1891, owners’ of sterling silver, silverplate, pewter, brass and gold, from around the world have entrusted their treasures to Estes-Simmons for restoration. Each piece is handled with precision and care ensuring the highest quality and exceeding expectation. From jewelers, to antique dealers, collectors, fine restaurants and caterers, churches and synagogues, architects and builders, and celebrities, ours is a Tradition Of Excellence.

We take pride in our history and tradition. Because metal work is one of the oldest skills in America, a trip through Estes-Simmons workrooms is like a stepping back into a forgotten age, Our tradition, craftsmanship, and skilled metal-smiths ensure that your family treasures and heirlooms are preserved for today and tomorrow. Our professional metal services include the repair, plating, polishing and complete restoration of sterling silver, silver-plated, brass, copper, and pewter.