Nine steps to restoring a piece of silver
  • 1. Inspection and Planning

    Skilled analysis to determine what work is necessary. If the piece is sterling, repair can be started immediately. If silverplate, an interim step (#2) is necessary.

  • 2. Stripping Off Old Plate

    Old silver is chemically removed. Our work begins with base metal.

  • 3. Expert Repairing

    Dents disappear and lost detail is restored by master craftsmen on both sterling and silverplate.

  • 4. Replacement of Parts

    Years of experience enables artisans to make silver pieces almost like new again by replacing missing parts.

  • 5. Expert Buffing

    Important step of smoothing the base metal in preparation for re-plating.

  • 6. The Magic of Replating

    Highest purity silver is deposited in a heavy coat (compared to old "quadruple plate") on the base metal of a plated piece.

  • 7. Careful Polishing

    Know-how and loving patience help bring back the gleam and luster of sterling and silverplate.

  • 8. Antiquing or Oxidizing

    More hand work to give old pieces an antique look and to bring out the beauty of high and low relief areas through oxidation.

  • 9. Final Inspection

    One last test – have the proper repairs been made? Has the best possible job been done?