Architectural Hardware & Lighting

Turn your home into a showplace with custom finished hardware.

It is the attention to detail that turns an ordinary home into a showplace – the 24-karat gold faucets, brass door-knockers, pewter kick plates and silver chandeliers, just to name a few. Don’t leave your dreams to chance. Let Estes-Simmons custom plate your hardware and give you the “Finishing Touches ” you desire.

FOR THE HOME-OWNER– With our Custom Finishes, your home hardware will look better than new!

Having trouble parting with your old hardware? Do you have some precious antiques that have lost their luster? Or, maybe you have a certain home design in mind, but can’t seem to find what you want. At Estes-Simmons, we can turn silver to gold, brass to pewter, and bronze to just about anything. We can even give you some very unique, custom finishes. Take a look at our selection and then give us a call. In no time your home will be the envy of all your neighbors.


Delight your customers by “never saying never.” Give them exactly what they want. And, let Estes-Simmons help you do it. Whether it is new hardware that is not available in the correct finish, or an antique that has lost its luster, we provide custom finishes in a variety of standard and unique designs. We can plate, polish, create special finishes or just match what exists. Before you say no, check out our wide range of options, and then give us a call. We are all about service and helping you serve your client.