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When it comes to precious or semi-precious metals, we do it all. And we are the best!
Estes-Simmons specializes in the repair, restoration and plating of semiprecious metals, which include: brass, copper, silver, pewter, and bronze. Our restoration team ensures the best course of action when repairing each individual piece.

Our repairs to brass, copper, silver, pewter, and bronze, and other metals include: removing dents, recasting/making missing pieces, soldering broken pieces, furnishing/installing new blades, fitting mirrors, and replacing brushes and combs.

Depending on the condition, our craftsmen repair or restore items with little to no evidence that repairs have been made. All items are evaluated to determine whether they can be repaired.

Re-plating is renewing the surface of your item with the appropriate metal, silver, gold, pewter, brass, through an electromagnetic process.

We PLATE silver, brass, copper, nickel, and gold.

No! Pieces that were originally silverplated can be re-plated today.

First you must ask yourself this question, “Can this item be replaced?” Because of sentimental value, many antiques cannot be replaced. If the piece is well made and in reasonable condition, restoration is worthwhile. When examining restoration, we consider the age of the piece. Antiques made prior to the 1940’s exhibit quality craftsmanship and materials, but items manufactured in the last 20 years are of questionable quality and value. Therefore, replacing a quality antique with a modern piece is not advisable. The most important consideration is sentimental value, and you must be the judge of that!

Due to the variation in damage of each piece that we repair, there is no set price list. Each item is examined and a repair quote is provided to you for your approval. Due to our years of experience – since 1891 – we can assess the damage and define the repairs needed quickly and efficiently.

If you are in Atlanta you can stop by our showroom Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM and Friday, 8:00AM – 3:00PM. All other pieces can be shipped via UPS, U.S. Post Office, FedEx, GPS, Airborne Express, or any other mail service that provides insured packages that require a signature. We return all packages via UPS. For more information, see SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS.


Estes-Simmons will strip, clean, and polish any type of metal, including brass, silver, copper, gold, and pewter.

To achieve the reflective quality in silver and other metals, polishing or shining is required. Use the cleaner or polish appropriate to your metal. The following substances have chemicals that will discolor silver with contact: lemon, mustard, salt, mayonnaise, egg, and rubber. If you develop an unsightly stain try to remove it with polish and a cloth. If that fails, call us at 800-645-4193 or e-mail us.

Call Estes-Simmons immediately @ 800-645-4193


Sterling silver, primarily made in Sheffield England, is the finest type of silver that you can own and is measured in Troy ounces. Silver plate is sterling silver on top of another lessor metal. Hollowware is sterling silver or plated items, such as sugar bowls, serving pieces, etc, that have a hollow center.

There are three categories of Sheffield silver: Sterling made in Sheffield (plate), Old Sheffield Plate, and Sheffield Plated.

Estes-Simmons appraises all types of antique items. The cost to appraise is $125.00 per hour. There is a one-hour minimum to appraise an item. Price subject to change.

Silver and gold items are stamped with a “hallmark” which indicates the origin, quality, and purity.

The hallmark, primarily located underneath the item, is the identifying mark indicating the origin, quality and purity of the piece. Hallmarks which are usually family crests, were placed on quality pieces by the families who commissioned them. Often the mark is not recognizable by the untrained eye and requires an experienced professional to identify it.


Some repairs result in an artificial new appearance. To maintain the antique quality of your silver item, we plate it with an “antique” or aged finish.

We provide a variety of finishes, ranging from bright to heavily oxidized.

Depending on the age and condition of the item, Estes-Simmons re-plates all types of metals. We can change silver to gold, brass to pewter, and bronze just about anything. We have many custom finishes. Check out our architectural hardware. Be sure to call us first before you make any decisions – 800-645-4193.

We can lacquer any type of metal. Lacquering provides a protective coating for metal items. Once an item is lacquered, it can no longer be “USED.” Lacquering silver is NOT RECOMMENDED.

YES! At Estes-Simmons we have highly skilled craftsmen who redesign unique one-of-a-kind pieces. We also custom make prototypes. Visit our custom design page.