Estes-Simmons Logo Your silver is meant to be seen and used! Estes-Simmons the silver owners friend.

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Owners of sterling silver, silver plate, pewter, brass and gold trust their treasures to Estes Simmons for repair.
Silver piece

In the Tradition of Excellence,
We do it all, antique silver restoration and repair! And, we are the best!

If it is broken or dented, we will repair it!
If it is damaged, we will restore it!
If it is dull and corroded, we will polish or re-plate it!
If you want original, one-of-a-kind, we will create it!
If it is hardware for the home, we can have
"Finishing Touches"

If you have questions, we have answers!
If you need to hear from our customers, we have testimonials.
And, you can do it right here, on line.

We restore your family treasures and so much more.
To personally discuss your needs or concerns,
please call us @ 800-645-4193, or e-mail us at


  “We treat your silver treasures
and heirlooms like our own.”

Mark Antebi
Estes-Simmons, over 100 years
of the highest quality
workmanship and service.

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