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What is the difference between sterling silver, silverplate and hollowware?
Sterling silver, primarily made in Sheffield England, is the finest type of silver that you can own and is measured in Troy ounces. Silver plate is sterling silver on top of another lessor metal. Hollowware is sterling silver or plated items, such as sugar bowls, serving pieces, etc, that have a hollow center.

What is Sheffield?
There are three categories of Sheffield silver: Sterling made in Sheffield (plate), Old Sheffield Plate, and Sheffield Plated.

Do you appraise silver and other metals?
Estes-Simmons appraises all types of antique items. The cost to appraise is $125.00 per hour. There is a one-hour minimum to appraise an item. Price subject to change.

How do I know if an item is sterling silver or silverplated?
Silver and gold items are stamped with a "hallmark" which indicates the origin, quality, and purity.

What is a Hallmark?
The hallmark, primarily located underneath the item, is the identifying mark indicating the origin, quality and purity of the piece. Hallmarks which are usually family crests, were placed on quality pieces by the families who commissioned them. Often the mark is not recognizable by the untrained eye and requires an experienced professional to identify it.

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