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Restoration — Nine steps to restoring a piece of silver.
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Inspection and Planning 1. Inspection and Planning
Skilled analysis to determine what work is necessary. If the piece is sterling, repair can be started immediately. If silverplate, an interim step (#2) is necessary.


Stripping Off Old Plate2. Stripping Off Old Plate
Old silver is chemically removed. Our work begins with base metal.


Expert Repairing3. Expert Repairing
Dents disappear and lost detail is restored by master craftsmen on both sterling and silverplate.



Replacement of Parts4. Replacement of Parts
Years of experience enable artisans to make silver pieces almost like new again by replacing missing parts.

Expert Buffing5. Expert Buffing
Important step in smoothing the base metal in preparation for replating.



The Magic of Replating6. The Magic of Replating
Highest purity silver is deposited in a heavy coat (compared to old "quadruple plate") on the base metal of a plated piece.

Careful Polishing7. Careful Polishing
Know-how and loving patience help bring back the gleam and luster of sterling and silverplate.



Antiquing or Oxidizing8. Antiquing or Oxidizing
More hand work to give old pieces an antique look and to bring out the beauty of high and low relief areas through oxidation.


Final Inspection9. Final Inspection
One last test – have the proper repairs been made? Has the best possible job been done?