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  You have questions, we have answers!


What is your specialty?
When it comes to precious or semi-precious metals, we do it all. And we are the best!

Estes-Simmons specializes in the repair, restoration and plating of semiprecious metals, which include: brass, copper, silver, pewter, and bronze. Our restoration-team, ensures the best course of action when repairing each individual piece.

What types of repairs do you make?
Our repairs to brass, copper, silver, pewter, and bronze, and other metals include: removing dents, recasting/making missing pieces, soldering broken pieces, furnishing/installing new blades, fitting mirrors, and replacing brushes and combs.

What is restoration?
Depending on the condition, our craftsmen repair or restore items with little to no evidence that repairs have been made. All items are evaluated to determine whether they can be repaired.

What is re-plating?
Re-plating is renewing the surface of your item with the appropriate metal, silver, gold, pewter, brass, through an electromagnetic process.

Do you plate all types of metals?
We PLATE silver, brass, copper, nickel, and gold.

Does re-plating (re-silvering) destroy the value of my antique?
No! Pieces that were originally silverplated can be re-plated today.

How do I know if an item is worth repairing or re-plating?
First you must ask yourself this question, “Can this item be replaced?” Because of sentimental value, many antiques cannot be replaced. If the piece is well made and in reasonable condition, restoration is worthwhile. When examining restoration, we consider the age of the piece. Antiques made prior to the 1940's exhibit quality craftsmanship and materials, but items manufactured in the last 20 years are of questionable quality and value. Therefore, replacing a quality antique with a modern piece is not advisable. The most important consideration is sentimental value, and you must be the judge of that!

What do you charge to repair an item?
Due to the variation in damage of each piece that we repair, there is no set price list. Each item is examined and a repair quote is provided to you for your approval. Due to our years of experience - since 1891 - we can assess the damage and define the repairs needed quickly and efficiently.

How do I get my piece to you for repair?
If you are in Atlanta you can stop by our showroom Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM and Friday, 8:00AM - 3:00PM. All other pieces can be shipped via UPS, U.S. Post Office, FedEx, GPS, Airborne Express, or any other mail service that provides insured packages that require a signature. We return all packages via UPS. For more information, see SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS.

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