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What is an antique finish?
Some repairs result in an artificial new appearance. To maintain the antique quality of your silver item, we plate it with an “antique” or aged finish.

Can you finish a piece with an ANTIQUE FINISH?

We provide a variety of finishes, ranging from bright to heavily oxidized.

Can I change finish?
Depending on the age and condition of the item, Estes-Simmons re-plates all types of metals. We can change silver to gold, brass to pewter, and bronze just about anything. We have many custom finishes. Check out our architectural hardware. Be sure to call us first before you make any decisions – 800-645-4193.

Can you lacquer antiques? What does this do to and for the piece?
We can lacquer any type of metal. Lacquering provides a protective coating for metal items. Once an item is lacquered, it can no longer be "USED." Lacquering silver is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Do you design and manufacture custom pieces?
YES! At Estes-Simmons we have highly skilled craftsmen who redesign unique one-of-a-kind pieces. We also custom make prototypes. Visit our custom design page on this website.

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  You have questions, we have answers!