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Custom Design — From personal pieces to presentation items, we create it just for you.
A "Tiffany" crystal globe
  Original trophy

At Estes-Simmons, our experienced silversmiths can custom design a variety of commissioned silver pieces, including:

The Robert W. Woodruff Cup
The Robert W. Woodruff CupCoca-Cola is the most recognized name in the world. In 1983, the Coca-Cola Company decided to give an award to their most outstanding division. They came to Estes-Simmons for help creating a trophy cup worthy of the Coca-Cola and Robert Woodruff names. The Woodruff Cup, as it is now called, is awarded to the "Division of the Year," as selected from the many divisions of the company worldwide. The cup is cast bronze, silverplated, and stands on a black lacquered wooden base. An original is on display at the Coca-Cola Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta. Each year, we create a new cup, as well as the second place awards, which are outstanding in their own right. Estes-Simmons is proud of our ongoing association with Coca-Cola.

Custom Medallion for ChancellorCustom Medallion for Chancellor
Marilyn Somers, a historian at the Georgia Institute of Technology, recognized the need for a medallion and commissioned the work just a month ahead of the inauguration of new University System of Georgia Chancellor Thomas Meredith. Mark Antebi worked with graphic artist Jon Stemp and in-house silversmith Gia Goguishvili to design and produce the medallion. After several sketches and approximately 30 hours of handcrafting and assembly, the team created a stunning medallion four inches in diameter, weighing over 16 troy ounces and rich in symbolism. Symbolic touches include:
Three tiers of layered silver represent the three levels of higher education.

Stars on both sides of the title "chancellor" represent balance and harmony the chancellor provides between the universities and the people of Georgia. The use of gold, one of the noblest metals, to exemplify the education profession. Thirty-four golden links on a predominantly sterling silver chain to symbolize the University System of Georgia's 34 academic institutions.

Additionally, Estes-Simmons engraved the initials of the nine past chancellors on the back of the medallion along with the dates they served. "I am overwhelmed by the beauty and the detail shown in the medallion," said Meredith. "It is an honor to wear this while proudly serving Georgia's academic institutions."

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Art Nouveau Centerpiece
Art Nouveau Centerpiece"The figures were once holding up a bowl to make a centerpiece. Can you make an appropriate bowl in silver?" The answer is there for you to behold. The style of the cast silver figures is Art Nouveau, and it was fairly easy to discern that they are mermaids holding up a large serving bowl. Judging from the mermaids' size and scale, we decided on the shape and size of the bowl. Because they were mermaids, the bowl had to look like a large shell.

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Original Trophies"Tiffany" crystal globe
A "Tiffany" crystal globe and "Tiffany" crystal pyramid looked like paperweights until they were mounted on these original silverplated bases. The mixture of these two mediums, glass and silver, makes a spectacular statement--a statement that is time tested. With the combination of our metalworking, custom trophy fabrication, and engineering backgrounds, we can create, expand on, or execute any trophy project.

The decision to go with silverplated bases was based on weight; because the crystal pieces were extremely heavy, it was necessary to use heavy gauge brass as a base metal for the bases. The cost to make these became an issue until we figured out that it would be almost as inexpensive to make three or four of each of these for future years as it would be to make just one of each. With that resolved, the project took just over six weeks, and the finished product was a huge success.

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Original Design Business Card HolderOriginal Design Business Card Holder

Offer someone your business card from a holder that is a conversation piece of original design. At Estes-Simmons, we created a sterling silver model mailbox with a functional door and flag. Included in the design was a miniature replica of the owner's pet, a dog notorious for leaking puddles to mark his territory. This positively one-of-a-kind card holder now belongs to a very satisfied client.

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