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RestorationRepairs from simple to complex.
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Metalwork is one of the oldest skills in America. A trip through the Estes-Simmons workrooms is much like stepping back into the near-forgotten age of craftsmanship, where many of the ancient techniques are still used. Tools and equipment are important, but the skilled hands and practiced eyes of our silversmiths are our chief assets. Promising young men are apprenticed to older, more skilled craftsmen. As the years go by, their talents develop and they, in turn, join Estes-Simmons' staff of expert silversmiths.
Repairs from simple to complex.
Restoration can vary according to the complexity of the piece.
The broken handle of a silver sugar bowl rendered it useless until our craftsmen undertook its repair.
This antique Victorian tilting water pitcher is a prime example of our expertise in restoration. Dents were smoothed, missing sides filled in, handles and feet were recast, even the engraved motif was restored to match the original.
A serving fork caught in a disposal is a common occurence, but can be straightened and returned to use.
Antique sterling silver boudoir ensembles can be completely restored. All dresser set parts can be replaced including: resilvering or replacing old beveled mirrors, replacing old brushes with nylon or boar, replacing old combs, relining old jewel boxes, and repairing and polishing silver parts.
In 1927 the Southern Open golf trophy was in the hands of Bobby T. Jones. In 1979 it was in the hands of thieves, and in 1996, following its restoration by Estes-Simmons Silverplating of Atlanta, it was placed in the hands of the original owners, The Atlanta Athletic Club.